Week 1

I think I completed most of the requirements pretty well, there were time where I had no clue if I was doing the correct thing or not. I didn’t really have all that much trouble creating my domain and social media sites. Twitter and youtube I already had so I just had to create a flickr and soundcloud. So on my front page I did a an about me where i intro ducted myself as well as giving the links to my multi media for my intros on them. I used wordpress like 4 years ago and for some reason I found it really difficult to customize the blog the way I wanted to. I wanted to keep it simple and basic so I kept the black and white theme with different color buttons. What I found really had was to create a menu at the top of the page so that I could have tab for these weekly summaries.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NataleJessica/status/1130513671568932869



Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/chirstmasgirl1/about?view_as=subscriber

About me page: http://www.ds106.jessnat.com/

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